About Creative Afro

Creative Afro isn’t just about accessories; it’s a celebration of culture, empowerment, and style. We specialize in hand-made, luxury handbags and accessories that let you wear your pride on your sleeve—literally! Every piece is a vibrant work of art, connecting you with the African legacy while complementing your unique elegance.

About Shelley

Hey friend! Welcome to Creative Afro, where culture meets couture. I’m Shelley Green, and I have always had a passion for textiles, bright colors, and fabulous fabrics. I started this journey because I wanted to see more of our culture represented in the fashion world, and I knew other women felt the same. So, I got to work creating luxury handbags and accessories that scream style and celebrate our heritage.

Every item at Creative Afro is hand-made with love, reflecting the vibrant spirit of Africa. Our pieces aren’t just accessories—they’re statements. They’re about you, your identity, and your pride. When you carry a Creative Afro bag, you’re not just showcasing your style; you’re celebrating your roots.

Our Mission

Our mission at Creative Afro is to uplift and celebrate African heritage through stunning, hand-crafted accessories that empower women to flaunt their cultural pride with flair. We’re all about connecting you with the richness of our continent